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I need price for 300 books

Trade 6x9 color perfect bound cover. Price please. Thanks. I cannot find a contact number on Blurb.


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Hi there. All you need to do is have a look at our pricing page and you'll find pricing info, starting at single copies. Look at the color pocket books (which will come with white uncoated paper) here.

For orders of 300 or more, contact our volume order team for a quote.



Blurb Customer Support

Michael Y. 0 votes
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Pls send me a offer, for 300 books. - and 100 books.

my book is much to expensive and i sold until now, as you see, NO BOOK. -

I really want to cancel my book in that tool.

If you print my book for 10 Euro, i will stay at that blurb page. otherwise i want to cancel my book. 

I have a offer, of a printer factory - and they would be much cheaper then you,

Best regards from Vienna.

Christa Rankine

Chris Jane Ray 0 votes
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