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Trouble when changing the size of my book.

I've made a large square photobook with booksmart, but wanted to make a copy of the book in the small square size as well. 

I thought that this conversion would be a piece of cake. But when opening the copied file in the smaller size- there's no photoes! there's only the empty layouts and text. 

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Can I do something about it? 

Ida Elise Fjeldheim

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Your experiences are the same as those I am currently experiencing.  What is the purpose of downsizing if you have to re-create the font size on every single page and moreover, images are missing.  You might as well start from the beginning (exception is that you know the layout.)   What I note most importantly is the LACK of any response from BLURB!  Duh!  

Rhett and Sinden Collier 0 votes
0's been 2 years since the last comments on this. Here I am running into the same issues and what has blurb done to address them?

Blurb  has the start of a good  product. Hope they will get customer support. technical support and customer issues the concern and assistance needed to make this a win-win for everyone.

nomi1119 0 votes

I can't find the re-size button on my booksmart page any more - ideas anyone as I want to change my book from Large Landscape to standard Landscape

Craig Storton 1 vote

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