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At what stage do I give me book a file name?

I just started to create a book in Blurb Bookify and am scared to close the file as I have not yet been prompted to give it a name. Where on my computer will the file be stored?


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You can see where the file is stored by going to: File > Change Library Location, then select Continue, and this will show you the book directory where the files are stored, and this is the area where you can also customize where your files will go.

Michael -1 votes

This is ridiculous that it is not clear how to name my book. Your answer did notthing for me..still trying to figure out how to name my book.  For something that is so basic, why do I even have to ask?

lw2011 2 votes

I agree... My book was made "untitled" and I have no idea how to name my book. The FAQ says I need to go to "sell my book" to change the name? I've barely done anything yet. Why is this so hard?! Why is the user experience on this seemingly easy website so hard to figure out?

jaadhepo 3 votes

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