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Multiple cover formats when using indesign plug-in

I've just made a book in inDesign using the downloaded plug-in to make the template. I uploaded it with the imagewrap cover option. However, I'd like it to show up in the bookstore with the 3 different cover formats. It seems to only let me upload  the same book with a different cover format. That would mean I'd end up with three books (with the same insides) in the bookstore, each with a different cover format. Not ideal.

I could export from indesign to jpg and then import each page to Booksmart, but that sounds a really long-winded way of working.

Has anyone else come across the same problem?


James Arnold

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It's not possible, which seems utterly ridiculous. In the end, I had to upload two different versions of my book, available separately in bookstore. Which I think is confusing for prospective purchasers. I had an email from Blurb:

We offer 3 different cover type: Softcover, Hardcover, Dust Jacket, and Hardcover, ImageWrap.
With InDesign you will have to create 3 different books and select a different cover type for each book.
With InDesign you will have to specify the cover type, before you create the book.

After you have created the books, you can upload each on to the site with that cover type.


James Arnold 0 votes

Thank you James! That was an informative but disappointing answer.


Ulrika Lundin 0 votes

It would help if someone from Blurb who actually knows would say so here, but I suspect that the reason may be due to fact that Blurb is now offering free ISBNs, and that each version--hard cover, soft cover, image-wrap, electronic--requires a separate number. Still, I am with you, it seems that for selling you should be able to group these under the same description and title. (Found this because I was trying to do the same thing, Ulrika.)

Woody Packard 0 votes

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