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Book size in shopping cart

It would be really nice to have the book size listed in the shopping cart. Currently all is says is the number of pages, the type of paper, the cover option, but no mention of the book size. In order to view this you have to go to the book details. I have never ordered the wrong size, but I like to see all the details on the submit order page.


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Absolutely! I am so frustrated as it no longer even says it in Book Details either.. am loathe to purchase in case the order is wrong as I have identical books in different sizes and different quantities for each. Awaiting response from Blurb.. frustrating, a simple addition of this info would save the hassle to their checkout.

Morven 0 votes

Ditto. I'm ordering identical books in two different sizes but I can't see which size is which on my dashboard or on the checkout pages,  I can only go by the pricing/options.. surely this can be changed!!

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