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how do I break my book into two separate books?

I have too many pages/photos uploaded into my first book project. I'd like to split the book into two books, but am not sure if this is possible. Any guidance?


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I can only assume that you could (1) backup your book (2) delete the second half (3) backup with a new name (4) reload orginal backup (5) delete first part (6) backup with a third name. Would this work? A bit cumbersome, but still .......

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I have only put in 11 pages before I realized that I had many more pictures to add to that section, I printed off some copies and will see about using them as my guide to start a new book at least I know what templates I was using an can easily put my photos in. I am going to keep working on my book and see if I have room to put everything in, up to 198 pages now and have way more to do.



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