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Affiliate Link for Other Businesses to Promote My Book

I have a few businesses who would like to feature my book on their website, and they are asking for an affiliate link, so they can get a portion of the sale. So far, I haven't found anything like this with Blurb.
Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the Blurb Affiliate Program.
I thought about setting up a link or something to track clicks on the book, but it still won't tell me if the book has actually been purchased.
Please let me know if this is something that is possible. If not, please consider this as a very helpful feature.

Gabrielle Nistico

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Hi Gabrielle, thanks for your idea! We do not have anything that would track a click/purchase success rate yet, so I've moved the idea to our "Suggestions and Feature Requests" section. 🙂

Kayla F. 0 votes
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