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shipping cost

I think the $3.99 for shipping will stop customers from ordering books. Isn't it possible to increase the book price by $1.99 and reduce the shipping cost. It costs $1.61 to ship in the US from our local Post Office. - Thanks

Vincent Van Hook

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Hi Vincent- Our shipping and handling fees include the actual cost of shipping a parcel from our print facility to your doorstep as well as the materials and manpower needed to package your book.

This means the price you see for shipping and handling isn't just for the postage alone but includes other costs associated with shipping the order to you.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please send us a direct support email:

Jen A. 0 votes
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I agree with Vincent, after being new to Blurb and ordering several books, the shipping costs are quite high and the UPS to USPS service is riddled with slowness beyond belief.  What I mean is that UPS will show the book delivered to the post office via tracking but, takes the post office (of course, not in your control but, you can avoid using this UPS service) 2 days to process!

Mpix, AdoramaPix offer excellent rates on the shipping.

Deval Pino Shah 0 votes
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