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Shipping Costs

I think this service is a great idea and the book making process is the best I've seen. It was so easy and simple and I created exactly what I wanted to create.
But, then when I had completed everything and gone through all of the cost processes it then told me the shipping cost. And the cost was more than the price of the 3 magazines I was buying.
£11.50 for a 2 week shipping is ridiculous.

Not only this, but if I were to sell and distribute my book on this site it would cost the customer £11 shipping for one magazine. Making the price outrageous, and no one will buy at this price.

I would seriously consider finding a way to reduce these costs to at least under £5 and then this would bring in a lot more business.


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I know this is mad! There is absolutely no reason why their shipping is so expensive... 25 magazines 50 quids shipping costs! Crazy!

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