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Ability for Authors to Create Coupon Codes

I see this post already on blurb about this:

but as the question was closed for comments, I was unable to post a reply/question, so I'm opening a new thread. I understand creating your own coupons is not currently possible, but is this a feature you are considering adding? Many other self-publishing sites allow this feature, notably, and it is very handy indeed. They make it very easy to create coupons and it is an excellent way to offer academic discounts etc, which can help boost sales. Obviously this would only affect the profit portion of the sales, so it wouldn't eat into receives. At the moment the only workaround is to upload the same book, make it private, and provide the link to each coupon requester manually, which is very time-consuming and wasteful.

At the very least it would be useful for us to know the reasoning behind not including this feature would be useful, since can itself provide coupons to customers. Thank you!

Amber Biology

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Being able to create a coupon code would be great! 

Pinup Industry 3 votes
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This would be an excellent feature!  I would love to be able to create coupons/promo codes with varying time limits, discounts, etc.  Blurb, make this happen!

toddgcollins 2 votes
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