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I can't believe when I logged in to slurp my blog that the feature was gone. I am at a loss. My business will be gone if this feature isn't brought back. It made everything so convenient.


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Yes! I have created at least 6 blog books with Booksmart and just came back to make the latest and I found out you are no longer doing that. Please bring it back! I cannot find another source for doing this that is as good as yours was. I saw in the FAQs that the reason was that it was too hard to keep up with all the changes for all the blog platforms. Well, just do it for Blogger then! Please reconsider!

tjthomas613 5 votos

I have been creating blog books with Blurb for 9 years. These books are my families favorite thing in our home. We adopted two children 3 years ago and they pour over these books as they show how they are part of our family now.  I have researched other companies and cannot find anyone with the options and quality that you provided. I'm wishing for this to come back! 

momonthelane 5 votos

I completely agree.  I can still do a book form of my blog but not without a lot of extra work.  I know lots of people only blog so they can make a book out of it.  I wish they would bring this feature back, at least with Blogger.

Jenna King 4 votos

I just tried out BookWright to make my blog into my annual photo book (I've made 9), hoping it would be like BookSmart.  Instead, it feeds the photos out of order, the text too.  It would take countless hours to do it all manually.  Please bring the blog-to-book chronological slurping feature back.  I've tried another blog-to-book company since BookSmart disappeared last year, and the quality was a disappointment.  Blurb's print quality is incomparable.  

minag 3 votos

I, too, have been making blog books for years.  My family loves them!  I've investigated other options and there is nothing like what blurb used to be able to create and do. I tried the import 500 posts feature on bookwright, but it seems to take those posts randomly. There's no way to select the most recent posts?  When you have over 1600 blog posts, that's not helpful.  PLEASE bring back the ability to slurp a blog from blogger!!!

Angela Pedersen 2 votos

ahhhhh! I'm so frustrated! I've just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out this whole bookwright thing and wondering why I'm having trouble with booksmart. So I finally googled how to get my blog imported through booksmart and I found this feed. I'm so disappointed that blurb does not support blog to book anymore. I've made 5 blogbooks with that program and I finally have the itch to catch up on the last 2 years and this is what I'm finding out! I don't want to try and find another company to print my blog books and bookwright is not helpful when all the pictures are out of order, along with the text. Please please make bookwright more user friendly and efficient for us using blogger for our books or bring back my beloved booksmart! I'm so so so so so so bummed!!

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