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Different image requirements BookSmart vs BookWright?

Am I doing something wrong?

In BookSmart I can insert an image that fills the entire page  but when I try to do exactly the same thing in BookWright I get a low resolution warning. What's wrong? (Obviously using same image and book size)

 I didn't realise this and have just published a book using BookWright but if this is a limitation of BookWright, I'm never using it again!

Shane Boog

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Ok update.

Blurb have said the image requirements are the same but the trigger for the low resolution warning is different. No reason given, it was just how the software was designed apparently.

BookWright has an extremely low trigger level so it severely restricts your photo size. I have photos that I can't even set to the size of a full page in BookWright but in BookSmart I can easily do a double spread with room to spare. This is a show stopper for me. I like my photos big so unless they change the level of the trigger I won't be using BookWright ever again.


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Ok, after much emailing, the image specs for BookSmart and BookWright are different.

BookWright - minimum of 250dpi, maximum of 350dpi

BookSmart - minimum of 150dpi, maximum of 300dpi


This means BookWright quality can potentially be higher but you can't print photos as large.

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How did your order turn out with Bookwright and the low resolution photos?? I just ran into the same issue. I started my book in Booksmart but the program is so glitchy and frustrating. So I went to Bookwright and am freaking out over the "low resolution" warnings.

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