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How can I make my book affordable and still make a profit. Too expensive!

I love my book on blurb, but it is 44 pages and too expensive for most people to buy  a children's book. Is there anyway to get the price down so I can make a profit?  I did format it in a smaller size but still $35.00 a book not including shipping.  I feel like this great book is stuck with no where to go.


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Hi cparrott. You could try one of our Trade book formats, as they're going to be the least expensive option:

It's worth noting that any print on demand book, whether it's ours or a competitor's, will usually be more expensive per copy than a book printed via offset printing. That's because offset printing (the method used for most mass-produced books found in bookstores) requires a minimum order of 500-1,000 copies. This brings the per-copy price down but requires a large initial investment by the author. (If you're interested in offset printing we do offer an offset option for large orders).

Print on demand, on the other hand, needs only a minimum order of one copy. The smaller scale and different workflow results in a higher cost per book but there's no large financial commitment for the author, since we print books only when they are ordered. So while the cost is higher per copy, you also don't need to invest thousands of dollars to see your book in print!

I hope that helps clear things up and that you don't let the price difference stop you from putting your book into print. 

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My book was over 70 euro and all my friends want a copy but it’s too expensive. The quality is brilliant and I picked the best paper.
It’s 130 pages .
How can I do this for 40 euro ? With BLURB
Best regards

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