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Fundy Software Export to Blurb

I have recently discovered Fundy Album Designer software which is truly remarkable.


Has anyone been able to export it as a pdf with the correct specifications to use with blurb?


Blurb has a fanastic printing quality and they print large books (which other printers don't)


I'd like to use the other software and then have Blurb print it.



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Yeah how come no one from Blurb has responded to this.  A lot of people have the same question about how to prepare Fundy albums for blurb.  Please help support.  Thanks.

mcflied -1 votos
I figured it out. You need to use custom album design settings in Fundy. That means that you first need to go into blurb and get the specs for the exact canvas/ page size. For example a 13x11 book is not exactly those dimensions. It js 12.65 x 10.875 and this js what you enter jnto Fundy. So Use the blurb specifications calculator to get the exact specs. I found the specifications calculator under then scroll down to "pdf to book" where you will find a hyperlink to the calculator at Once you design your book in Fundy you export as a single page and not double page layout. Then, you will redesign the book using blurbs very own booksmart desktop application. This js easy since all you are doing is uploading you single pages onto booksmart as full page bleeds. Then just finish the ordering process within the booksmart software. Going through booksmart js how i made sure that the quality from fundy to blurb stays intact as j trust the booksmart program obviously provides the PDF to blurb. Its pretty easy just an extra layout step to blurb. If only blurb can just accept JPG files and take it from there it would eliminate the booksmart for us Fundy users.
rafgram 1 voto

Same for me. I love fundy design. We save time. If I have to add a step using is time consuming ! Is someone from blurb could resolve this ?

judithetnoel 3 votos

Hi mcflied. There are no plans for Blurb to develop a Fundy-specific workflow. Any questions regarding how to prepare Fundy albums for Blurb must be directed at Fundy's support team, as we're not able to help with any compatibility issues that may occur aside from general requirements or advice on using our own workflows.

rafgram, thanks for your suggestions for other users using Fundy. Note that Blurb does in fact accept JPG files--in our BookWright, BookSmart and Bookify programs. Our PDF to Book workflow, and our InDesign plug-in, accept only PDFs and those PDFs must meet certain specifications so we can convert them to print. We don't have any plans to allow for a similar JPG-only workflow since those are already usable in our existing bookmaking tools.

Please feel free to post your Fundy-related advice here to help each other out!

Michael Y. -1 votos

Fundy and Blurb seem like very natural allies - it would be great to see them work together!

toddjohnson 1 voto

SmartAlbums have an option for exportig PDFs and JPGs for Blurb... Why not Fundy Design? Maybe it's not Blurbs fault...

Edgard Marques 0 votos

We as photographers and album builders would love to buy more books from you Blurb.  Please work it out with Fundy so that it makes it easier for us to buy books from you.

Clifford William Fong 2 votos

Fundy has wanted to do this but Blurb won't share specifications with Fundy.  Come on Blurb.  Work with Fundy!

rxlouie 1 voto

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