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Make Blurb easier to customize

I write this because I am very frustrated with Booksmart. 

I like Blurb books and would love to use Booksmart to create my holidays albums. But I feel Booksmart is way too standardized for an easy use. I don't understand why it is not possible to just drag and drop the images and text boxes on the page (like you would do on a powerpoint presentation for example).

The fact that you have to compose your page in the page builder and not do it directly is a considerable loss of time and energy. More often than not, you build your page and then realize that this horizontal picture would be better in another page and that you want to put that vertical image instead. Instead of just rearranging easily your page, you have to go back to the page builder.

I encourage you Blurb developers to have a look at this software, FreeDocX (, used by a tiny French printing company. It's not perfect (it lacks tools to align boxes for instance) but is so much easier to use.

Once again, I'm just saying this because I would like so much to use Blurb (particularly because I am a heavy Lightroom user and I love the fact that Blurb is now included in Lightroom) and every time I try, I figure it will double the time I need to make a book with FreeDocX. Please develop this to allow us to easily customize our books!

Many thanks and merry christmas.


Jérémie NOEL

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