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Serious problems with photos in e-book after conversion

Hello, I'm Linda from Holland.

I also asked my question to Support, but I don't have the right answer yet.

This is my problem:

I made a cooking book with Blurb Bookcreator and published this.

Then I have made a conversion of this file to an e-book.
Everything went fine on my Apple en the pictures look greet (see blurb-goed.png)


When other people previewed my e-book with a Windows machine and Internet Explorer, the photos were not good, they were maximed in this formaat (see blurb-gout.png)

See the preview here.

I cannot check this because I have an Imac.

What do I have to do and what is the problem?

(sorry for my bad english).

thank you Linda

Linda Vaneker-Pannekoek

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Hi Linda, I am having a similar problem on a windows machine with internet explorer. I converted one of my existing printed books and then in editing found some pics were oversized for the picture frame. Tried using zoom tool without success and also tried inserting a page from the Ebook layout but no success with that either. Have asked Blurb support for help. Unfortunately not as simple to convert as blurb site suggested. Hopefully there will be a simple answer. Ange from Australia

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Thank you Angela, ik hope this problem will be solved soon. And... I'm glas that you have the same problem (not only me).

Linda from Holland

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