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The risk in submitting a book without a profile or calibration is it hit and miss?

This my first book and I would like to do a decent job and yet I'm not calibrated or set up with a profile

on Blurb. Is it crazy to do a book without a profile?




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I've installed the recommended profile (Blurb_ICC_Profile.icc) but now what? I'm on Macs, a laptop Air, and an iMac, by the way. None of your instructions about color management talk about what to do AFTER installing the profile. Seems like a miss to me.

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Hi BrenElice. Our instructions for soft proofing are found/linked to on the same color management page--perhaps you overlooked them? 

This page gives a clear overview of what you need to do, step by step, up to installing the ICC profile:

After that you need to prepare and soft proof your images, following one of these image prep workflows. The videos on the lower right side of both these pages demonstrate  how to soft proof:

Soft proofing/color management is most helpful for professionals and other users concerned with getting the most accurate screen to print results possible (and you must color calibrate your displays with a colorimeter for any of this to be useful). As mentioned on our site:

The material in these guides is recommended for advanced users – such as creative professionals – who require the highest possible precision in rendering color. For most users, an understanding of the advanced concepts of color management is not necessary to produce a great-looking book with Blurb.


For anyone wondering whether or not color management is for them, I'd say that the majority of books come out just fine without color management so you needn't worry. But if someone wants to take the extra step, a thorough review of all the material (text and videos) on and linked to in our color management resource center will guide you through it.

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