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Changes for Booksmart

Things that need to change in BookSmart:


Image Boxes (and Text Boxes) should have a “snap” alignment feature allowing them to easily align with others on the page.


When importing images, they often will not show at the bottom of the image import dialog box unless you open it sometimes three or four images wide. This needs correction.


When you single click on an image in the image import dialog box area where the images show, it will often jump to the very top of the image dialog box.  Very annoying when you have a large number of images showing.


Footers with page numbers should auto align based on left or right pages unless otherwise specified even when duplicating a layout.


Text in text boxes should reformat for size when scaling book size down from Large Landscape to Small Landscape.


Create your own background patterns and save to available patterns like page layouts.


Image import area could allow for separation of images into folders or chapters.


Text Flow around images.


George Cannon

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I'm having serious issues with the auto-flow text feature. I wish I could just "break" the flow and format it myself.  The program runs slow as tar while it's trying to flow the text and almost never gets it right.

Charlotte Gardunia 0 votos
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I've found some annoying bugs.  When you click undo, it may swap the photos back to their original place, but not their original placement or magnification.  So it's really an undo completely.  Add to this that once you add/import a photo into a space on your layout, it deselects/loses focus on that picture and pops someplace else.  So if you import a picture and it's rotated incorrectly, you'd naturally and immediately want to click the rotate button.  But the cursor focus has changed, so you end up rotating some other random photo.  Then if you hit undo, it'll re-rotate the correct way, but loses the placement within the frame and the magnification. It's a basic workflow problem to not expect someone to want to work on the thing they JUST imported.

SSCPYearbook 0 votos
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