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Book Cover

Blurb gives us the opportunity to choose the type of hardcover we want, either the image wrap to the dust jacket. I would like to recommend to be able to use both of them in a book, like most of  the photo albums, with an extra charge because it's nicer and more convenient.

Kostas Karakalas

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I agree. Mauin stream book publishers of hardcover books with a dust jacket, at the very least have the title and author's name also printyed on the case underneath the jacket. Some books are actually printed as wraparound hardback but with a jacket too. Sicne Blurb print wraparound and also do jackets, then why can't they supply both for a book like a REAL publisher.

As someone elsehere has commented, Blurb never reply to any of these suggestions.

Howard Michael Beck 0 votos

Please consider offering a wraparound cover for books made in BookSmart.  I prefer to make soft cover books, and there is currently no option for a wraparound book cover.  I hope others might also consider this an option worth adopting by BLURB and BookSmart.  

Norma Jean Anderson (Norma Auer Adams) 0 votos

If you order a book w/a dust jacket, does the hard cover come with the same image imprinted on it or is it blank?

azmarcia 0 votos

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