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Blurb photo book falling part / pages detaching

I searched the forums and didn't see this topic, so I'm asking here:

I recently made and ordered a photobook from this site, using 8x10 inch portrait size, hardcover, with premium lustre paper.

About a week after receiving it and gently viewing the contents, the pages started to detach from the binding. I'm afraid if I read/view my book much more, the pages will completely fall out.

Anyone else have this problem? The book cost me $70. Kinda shocked that it's falling apart so quickly for such a price. Shame too, since the print quality of the pages and cover itself are nice-- I just want a book, not a stack of detached papers!


Here's an image. I didn't try to open the book "too far" or try to lay it flat. I treated the book fairly gently (it's mostly an art book after all), but I had to hold this book in this way so as to get a clear photo of how the pages are starting to simply detach.


I'm still curious as to how common an issue this is since I was hoping to order a bunch for family and friends.  Anyone else have similar experience(s)?  I'm rather put off by this, since the book here is something that basically encapsulates a huge personal project, but I'd be particularly sad if this were something more sentimental, like a wedding photo album book or something.


edit: contacted support, got a new copy of the book being printed/sent to me at no extra cost -- still very worried that this will happen again since I am (was?) planning to order a bunch for family / friends. 


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Hi Bill, we're so sorry to hear about your latest order. Production issues are possible, but rare. We're always more than happy to reprint when an issue like this occurs. As this particular issue has been resolved, please contact our support team should you need any further assistance with an order! 🙂

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