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PDF Uploader Requests

Folks, we are in 2017 and it is a bit concerning that the site does not offer a way to change uploaded pdf books to different sizes or select paper type without having to reupload!

I understand the workflow logic but, it would be nice if you could maintain the master copy of the upload and then allow the user to select multiple versions of it without going through the process of reuploading. Sure, the ISBN needs to be changed but, that can be done at the time of selection of the size from the master as well.
Overall, you folks offer the best platform that is unified and concise and accommodates print and eBooks.

Deval Pino Shah

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Agree !!  Would like to merge family albums in one album with both sides of family.

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Agree too!

In my case I often would like to offer a book with two different papers. Would need to upload one PDF with inner pages and two different with two different hardcovers (one for stabdard paper, one for premium). Yes, ISBN would have to be changed, but this could not be the point to refuse.

Ernst Weinzettl 0 votos
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