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Uploading a book

When I go to upload the book I get 2 error messages. One tells me the number of pages has to be between 120 and 160. My number of pages is 134. The other tells me that the page size is 1072pt x 504 and it should be 1060pt x 504. I haven't changed the template size. How can I fix this please.


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Well I hope they helped you.  I have similar issues with uploading pdf files saved from microsoft software and there is no response from emails and calls can't solve the issue even though I know another did exactly what I am trying to do 2 years ago using blurb

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I had another problem after that. Every time I went to 'upload book', InDesign crashed. After several attempts I gave up and left it spinning round and went to bed. In the morning I found 'you book has been uploaded'! Don't know how it happened but it did. 

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