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Bookwright interface is too small - so cannot view tools and tabs etc

Can anyone help me understand why Bookwright’s interface is so small I cannot view the tools and tabs etc without getting eye strain. I am using Windows 10. However I have Bookwright installed on my Windows 7 without any problems. Before anyone suggests I have tried maximising the font size in Windows 10 via display and contacted Blurb Support who suggested using the Windows 10 magnification with any success either. Even downloading and reinstalling does not help. Is there anyone out there with a Windows 10 PC who has a similar problem because if this is not resolved I will have to find another book making software at this rate!
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I was able to locate your support request and see that you were helped by our Customer Support team. If you have any further questions, please feel free to update your support request.

Mutuala M.
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