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Deep black ink coverage: 300% or 340?

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie at my very first print project (colour Magazine).

Blurb's recommendation on rich black is 60-50-50-100. The sum is 260%. I assume that recommendation refers to large black graphic areas (a background, for example).

But what about black areas into the photos? (Like shadows or thick profiles.) When Photoshop converts from RGB to Blurb's CMYK profile, it translates deep blacks into a sum of around 340% (88-78-73-100).

But somewhere I've read that pigments sum should not exceed 300% for avoiding pigments overload, in fact both native Photoshop CMYK and SWOP Coated translate into 75-68-67-90 (300%).

So, my question: is it recommendable to keep ink coverage up to 300% even in Blurb anyway? Or does Blurb's ink coverage can actually (and “safely”) go up to 340% accordingly with their profile?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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I can see that you have already opened a ticket with your Customer service Team. Someone from that team can assist you further.

Mutuala M.
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