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Bookwright Issues!! No hand icon & can't move between spreads

So frustrated! I just tried switching to Bookwright after many years of Booksmart and I really like a few of the features (easy/fast to line up photos and text boxes within a page/ match to the next page). However, whatever time is being saved with that feature is now being more than used by the fact that I can't move photos and texts from one spread to another - ie I can move things from page 7-8 but not from 1-7. Now I have to delete photos altogether, then find them again for the new page. Ugh! Additionally, when I create a new layout and add photos, the hand icon isn't appearing in the photo to allow me to adjust the crop. This mostly seems to be a problem with creating a wide rectangular photo box - which of course crops top and bottom of the original photo - and I definitely need to adjust the crop in that situation but am unable to do so. Is there a fix for any of these issues? If not I'll definitely be switching back to Booksmart immediately!!

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I’m sorry to hear of the troubles with BookWright. This is something that our Customer Support team can help you with. I’ve created a ticket for you and someone will reach out to you soon.

Mutuala M.
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