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Discount Codes for Sellers

This has been asked a few times and the answer is always no, but I'm wondering why we can't get discount codes to offer our customers when we are selling our books through blurb. All the discount codes appear to be only for books that we publish ourselves.
I'd love to be able to promote my books for Christmas but when you have discounts all over your site, it looks like mine are the only books without a discount.

Mark Cunich

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Does Blurb plan to include a feature allowing sellers to define promo codes for books? If not why is that? This is proving to be a real problem.

spanitis 0 votes

I feel the sam frustration as you do. Apparently only big companies can realistically sell their book as they have the financial capability to order in bulk and then sell the book themselves at a reduced and affordable price.

Serge Chabert 0 votes

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