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More flexibility in Bookify

Hi. I've just used your service and likely to do so in the future. I use it more for photo albums rather than written books and I found the Bookify a bit limiting in terms of what you can get out of the layouts. I was wondering if there could be a way of dragging and dropping the photos within the page in the position that one likes rather than on a preset one and maybe add crop function?

Martina Arata

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Hi Martina, thank you for using Blurb! I've created a support ticket for you. One of our agents will reach out to you via email to help you with your question. 

Veronica T. 1 vote

Martina: I have used Blurb to do a good number of photobooks. I use their Bookwright software.

I don't bother with their page formats. I just draw a photo box where I want, the size I want. Then I fine tune the size and location. While there is no cropping tool, changing the size/shape of the box and the "zoom" of the image in the box does the same thing as a crop.

If I want text to describe something about the picture, then I just draw a text box and adjust to fit.

There is a learning curve as with all software, but I have no issue with BLURB in the respects you mention.

Jim Robertson 1 vote

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