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Need correlation between uploads, orders, previews etc.

When I upload a PDF, I get a number assigned to the uploaded PDF. When I order the book, I get an order number assigned, but the PDF number is not attached to the order, so I can't know later which exact revision it was. (The date isn't enough, since I may have uploaded the PDF again on the same day to fix an error.)

Similarly, the "My Books" listing shows cover pictures but not the PDF numbers (or order numbers). Dates are shown, but again not really adequate, since there may have been more than one upload that day.

The "Preview" of a book does not show any of PDF number, order number or date.

One Web page purports to give the date *and* time for each book, but it is always the *current* date and time and thus quite useless.

This total lack of correlation makes it quite hard to perfect a book when under deadline. This lack shouldn't be that hard to fix. since your database must have all this information in order to print and ship the proper books.


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