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white marks appearing on images?

has anyone else experienced such a thing - that you get your book, all is fine, and then a while later white marks start appearing on some of the images?

this is most on areas with black. you can see white spots and parts of the paper which look like dust marks.

i had this on my very first book about 4 years ago on the standard paper. but now i have this happen to me AGAIN using their most expensive premium paper.

blurb are not really offering much in the way of assistance. nor do they seem that bothered about this poor quality print.

they told me they looked at my file and couldn't see these white marks on my images. i replied and told them, yes that's exactly why i am writing to you, to find out what is going on!

(i cannot work out how to add attachments here to show examples - anyone know how?)

Max Franosch

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