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Text & Photo Containers in BookWright

First of all, BookWright is *awesome*. It's been an amazing, easy to use piece of software so far. Bravo!

As for my feature request, I am laying out a photo book based on a physical one and one thing I try to do is match container sizes to their physical counterparts. To do this, I need to drag the sides of containers until they are the right size, which can be cumbersome and error prone. It would be much quicker if I could just type in the desired length and height (in inches) and the container would size itself appropriately.

Hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult to implement and could make it into an upcoming release!


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Hi there, we're glad to hear that you like Bookwright and thank you for your suggestion! We'll make sure to pass it along to our product team. For now, we recommend using flowing text containers that allow text to flow from one text container to another seamlessly across pages. You can find more information here:

Veronica T. 0 votes
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Hi Veronica, good to know about flowing text containers, but I was mostly talking about photo containers. If I have a 4x6 original photo, it would be great to add a new container, click "Properties" and type in 4" width ad 6" height.


Thanks again,


rgeldmacher 0 votes
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This is definitely a highly requested feature and will hopefully be tackled in an upcoming release.

While not ideal, one way to get a very exact container size is to create an image at 250 dpi in an image editing program with the width and height dimensions you'd like. When you drag and drop that image onto any page, it will match the exact dimensions. You can delete the image inside the container and you're left with a container at your desired size.

This won't solve for precise placement of the container on the page, but its dimensions will be perfect.

You may already know this, but you can also use the guides in BookWright. Turn on guides at the top of the program, next to the book zoom slider. In combination with the rulers around the pages, place your guides and move your container in place. Because moving with the mouse can be tricky with tiny adjustments, get the container close first, then click and drag on the page to make a selection around the container. With the container selected, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to make small movements until the container is perfectly in place. Still a bit cumbersome, but less error-prone than relying on a steady mouse hand. 

Lastly, once you're all done getting the layout just right, make sure you save the layout to My Layouts so you don't have to labor over alignment for that same layout ever again. :)

Hope this is helpful!

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