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how to merge two books in one

I downloaded for books from book smart to put them in book wright. Impossible to merge them !
I need help !!!!

Colienne de Limburg Stirum

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Hello Colienne - Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to your book project. We've received your message through our helpdesk and one of our agents will assist you shortly. 

Veronica T. 0 votes

I would like to combine two books into one.Can this be done? Making one book of two manually is overwhelming since one cannot open two books at once to see them in the same time. Or can this be accomplished somehow?

Please help,

Best regards,

Barbara Pierscieniak

Barbara Pierscieniak 0 votes

There's a sort of solution I found that helps. You can save the layout of a page from one book and open that same page layout in another book. All your containers will be there in the right places. Then you can copy and paste the content from one book to the other, container by container.

The catch is you can't have two books open at the same time. But the format of your text will still look correct after you close the first book, open the second, and paste in the content. For images, you'll have to drag and drop them from your computer.


D. S. White 0 votes

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