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Photos look blurry and desaturated in BookSmart

I'm putting together my first photo book and photos looks disappointingly blurry and desaturated in BookSmart (both in edit and preview). I've spent so much time designing the pages from scratch, anxiously awaiting the moment I would upload them and order the book, so seeing this has almost brought me to tears.

The photos look absolutely fine in Photoshop, even at 200% (the test Blurb recommends). I've attached screenshots of the same page both from Photoshop and Booksmart.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Please tell me it's just a preview thing and that that's not how the photos are going to be printed!

Thanks in advance!




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Hi Bibi, Had a look at your images.  My immediate suspicion is that the blurb software might well be interpolating the image as you transfer it from photoshop.  I also see, not desaturation, but more reduced contrast between the 0 and 255 RGB tonal levels.  Questions:  Do you have to use PNG (portable network graphics)?  Were your images originally in this format for some reason?  What size are your originals compared to the size that they will appear in the book?  What editing have you applied in Photoshop?  ( I am not familiar with the Blurb software since I use InDesign but I can certainly help because the principles are the same). Often we can become disappointed like this but most of the time, unfortunately, the problem lies with how we have prepared our images.  Unless that is there is some unique situation with the blurb software which does not give you a WYSIWYG principle, but I doubt this.  Kind regards, Chris.

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Hi Chris, 

Thanks so much for your reply! 

In the end I figured out what the problem was, when I realised that it wasn't only the photos that were blurry and washed out, but the BookSmart interface too. So I tried opening it on another screen, and everything looked fine - the photos looked the same as straight from Photoshop. Turns out that for some reason, BookSmart itself was not suited for my high-res MacBook Pro screen. 

Hope somebody else finds this useful, too. :) 

Kind regards, 


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