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I am trying not to panic about my missing projects on BookSmart!!!!

I add to my blurb book about once a week.  I have been doing this for years.  When I went to add my pictures for the week I clicked on burb and usually it brings up all of the books that I have made and the ones that I am currently working on.  The page was blank.  I went to the FAQ sight and found the topic about missing projects.  I followed their instructions, but to no avail!  Has anyone had this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?  Please help me!  I am desperate!

Thank you!



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Same thing happened to me and am in a panic too. Sent in an email but got no response yet. 

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Same thing happened to me.  I had to log onto my computer as the Administrator and found it there.  I searched the folders and found a folder in the Adminstrator's profile in My Documents called Booksmart Data.  I right-clicked on the file and opened from there and it worked. I knew it had to be somewhere on my computer as it was saved several times. Just note, that you may find the file but get an error message about it not being an exported booksmart file UNLESS you are logged in as Administrator. Hope you are able to retrieve yours.

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