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Sending a book as a gift.

Hi all, new here, just signed up a minute ago. 

I want to make a book as a gift for someone, and have Blurb send it directly to them. Is this safe? Is there any risk of unpleasant surprises (not counting my photos not coming out as purdy as I think they are, that's beyond Blurb's control). I mean stuff like the general appearance of the book not being as per my design, screwups of any sort at the production end, that sort of thing. The recipient (at Christmas time no less) would see the book before me. Is this wise? Anyone had related experiences, good or bad? TIA



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 I just had a Zim Cocker book created and sent to my friends who had to put their beloved cocker of 14 years to sleep.  They adored the book and its beautiful photos.  However, they had no idea who had sent it or why, because there was no indication on the package, or a gift card enclosure.   I was quite unhappy at the time I ordered the book, being told that no enclosure would be provided.  It seems to me that most business' acknowledge the giver or have a small gift card option for a message.  I strongly urge the company to consider this in the future.

With the tracking device, I knew that the book had arrived.  When I didn't hear anything from them (assuming they might have thought it was me because I've been so involved with pets and fostering over the years), I sent them an email with my message of sympathy for their loss of their pet. 

This was the only part of the process that I was dissatisfied with, as the creation of the book and sending it out fairly quickly was fine.

I would think that others might be interested in some kind of gift notification message especially if they are creating photo albums for others in the family.  Please reconsider this for the future.



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