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Publishing and ordering from Booksmart

I am trying to publish and order my most recent project in Booksmart but when I get to the screen to log in w/ my username and password, it won't recognize me so I can upload and make my order.  I have downloaded the most recent versions of Booksmart but still have the problem.  I can see my project when i access Blurb and Booksmart through my computer but i can't see my project when I try to access it through  Any ideas?


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I'm dealing with the same thing and I've tried changing my password and turning off my firewall and NOTHING is working, it's Super frustrating - maybe they will honor the 35% off coupon until they can fix this.

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I am also having exactly the same problem today 22nd March.  There is a good discount today so is it a problem at Book Smarts end?

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Hi, so I have FINALLY been able to order from BookSmart with my Mac by :

- saving my project from computer on to a disc

- on my lap top I used Firefox to download the last version of BookSmart (choosing also browser by defect, don't know if needed)

- I opened the project from the disc with this new version

and it worked. This happend after 5 h in 2 days searching... I hope it can save time to other users



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