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downloading book smart


i appear to be unable to download booksmart now that book wright is the new software. i have almost completed a book on booksmart on my laptop but the laptop has died but thankfully my blurb book is backed up on an external hard drive. we have just replaced the laptop with an iMac and i want to install book smart to complete the book. however,  the download link isn't working. i assume its because blurb want people to use book wright but i can't import my backed up book smart book into book wright. I don't know what to do!? i have spent literally hours and hours on the book that is nearly finished and can't even begin to consider starting over. many thanks in anticipation for any help in what to do! 


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Me neither! And with the new application I don't know how to upload a book I have designed myself, and I have it all in .jpeg format. Can you help me, please?

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