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Exporting a blurb book for review and comments

My objective is to send a blurb book to another person for comments.

I have exported a blurb book from my wif'e's blurb acct to my "onedrive"

 I then went to another computer and signed into my Blurb acct. I tried to follow the instructions below,

but when I open my blurb acct on my computer, I do not see any "more" option

or any "import" option.

1. With the storage device connected to, or the file saved to, the second computer open BookSmart

2. From the opening screen, choose "Import a Book" from the More Options menu
. (Or choose File>Import Book Project). 

3. Find the location of your book file, select it, and click Import

Thanks  Carroll

Carroll Mayhew

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Did you figure this out?  I'm also hoping to keep files on OneDrive.

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