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Should I stop with Bookwright and go back to Booksmart?

I've made many, many books on Booksmart (annual family photo albums) dating back to 2008.  I'm just a mope dad, not a book publisher or anything like that.  My books are simple pictures and text. 

I just started a new one in Bookwright and so far I mostly like it and many of the new features.  But when I came to this forum to find an answer on something I noticed that many people are having bad luck with Bookwright and I'm afraid that if I continue on with my current book I'll lose it all.  Has anybody had success with Bookwright?  I'm on version 1.0.96 and I haven't had any crashes or issues importing pictures or saving.  So far so good.  Should I upgrade?  Should I cut my losses and start up again with Booksmart?   

Also if anybody at Blurb is reading this,  here are my comments on Bookwright vs Booksmart.  Any community insight would be appreciated. 


  • love the flexibility of making custom pages and the blue lines that align everything.  And the template mirroring (left page right page) is really helpful.  I like symmetry.  These are, by far, the nicest features for me.
  • I like the layout a little better.  I think it's a better use of the screen.
  • I like the pink border to let you know the danger areas. 


  • It only sorts pictures by date modified, not date taken.  This is super annoying to people like me who make annual photo albums in chronological order based on pictures, for example, taken in March but edited in July. 
  • When you click on the photo preview, it doesn't let you make that image any bigger.  This was very helpful to me and my old eyes.  It also doesn't let you scroll through the photo previews which is also annoying.
  • Not a huge deal, but why can't I see and edit only 1 page at a time.  It only shows you 2 pages now.  In the past you had a choice.  But maybe I'm missing something. 
  • Deleting a template is annoying.  I have to go into my computer files.  Not a big deal, but slightly annoying. 
  • I use dual screen and Bookwright freaks out a bit when I open it but it's easy to fix. 

Over and out.  Happy New Year everybody.



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Just downloaded Bookwright after already starting a BookSmart project.  First issue I came across was the sort order by date taken problem which is an immediate fail for me.  Do you know if there is any solution for this?  Thanks for any reply.

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