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Blurry Preview Photos

Hello, totally new to this so I'm not sure if this is a stupid question or not. Long story short, my images appear very grainy in both the edit page and the preview page. I am wondering if this is normal since the images are of very high resolution? Maybe it makes them smaller in the preview to save space? Or, is this totally not normal and my image quality is just too low? I did not get the warning symbol that they are low resolution so I am little confused. I have attached some screenshots of what I see both in the editor mode and preview mode.

Thanks so much in advance for the help!



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Blurb tech support did respond and told me the image resolution was not adequate for the printing process. The key, they said, was to inspect the image at 200% enlargement. If it isn't blurry or grainy at that magnification then it's OK. I found that I needed to increase the resolution of the original image to 350 dpi using PhotoShop and then adjust the image size to fit the page.

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I have also addressed the same problem, some of my books looked ok, and others looked blurry and grainy in preview online. Last contact with the support team was almost a month ago, when I had to send them  some pictures to visualize the problem. But the problem now seems to solved when blurb introduced a new "preview- viewer". All my books look great and I have also checked others and I see nothing grainy and blurred anymore!!!!!

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