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Can I edit a PDF once I have already paid?

As I don't have a lot of time to have my project printed through Blurb, I decided to pay for a PDF version so that I could print it myself. My question is, each time I  make changes to my file, do I have to pay for a new PDF each time? Is there a way I can replace the current PDF I have paid for with my edited version? Surely I don't have to pay each time? 


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I have this same issue, but one step worse: I can't actually figure out HOW to create a new PDF, even if I am willing to pay for it (or, in my case, charge my client for it).

I've edited and re-uploaded the print book files, but the PDF still shows the original version. The "Order" page doesn't even give me an option to get a new PDF (see screen), and I don't see how to delete just the PDF and reorder it. I can't delete the entire project, because my client already had the link to order the print copies. But I can't figure out how to update the PDF once it's been created.

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