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Pending tickets?

I have two pending tickets that are 11 days old.  Blurb has not resolved or responded for 6 days.  What do I have to do to get some results?

Dawn Flores

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Please, please, I need help. I want to download 5 books to get the 35% that ends tomorrow. I being a good customer for a long time. One of the books was for my husband's birthday next week. I sent what they asked me to send. A photo of the message I get after I try to order th ebook, also a message not eeting me export the book. I removed my antivirus, I have a internet conection, I added blur, smartbook to the safe place in my antivirus, I downloades a new copy of blurb. Please help me. I spent months creating this books. I can't loose them. I will appreciated an answer or a call 408-807-6528. Waiting for assistance thanks, Silvia

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