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color sampling/ color picker

I have an image created in PhotoShop CS6 that is a composite of my grandsons at the fair on a blue background. That said, I brought the image into BookSmart as a square image. If I "full size" the image I lose a lot of the effect of the image.

I want to match the blue background of the image with BookSmart 's background colors.

By trial & error it can be sorta done. Not well enough to get a solid match.

I went back to PhotoShop & did a color sample & wrote down the RGB numbers & then copied these to the RGB panel & got a solid match.

Am I missing something in BookSmart or is this the way I have to do it on other images?

It seems like this issue would be easily correctable (if it is not already addressed).




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i asked this question ilast Oct.

I have not as yet received an answer.

Does anyone have an answer?

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