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Customization for printing suggestions and questions

Hello, everyone! I am a designer and would love for my book to be printed and bound for me, however there simply aren't that many options available for complete customization in printing. Even if I design my book via indesign, I am unable to choose a specific flyleaf color, even at an extra cost. I would also like the option to create a cover in a specific, plain color and continue with a dustcover. For example, if I want a solid purple colored book (purple book, hardbound) with, for example purposes, a blue paper flyleaf, I can't do that. Are there going to be any additions to customization in the future that would allow for possibilities such as this?

Also, on the note of book sizes, does blurb plan to allow custom book sizes at an additional cost for sizes such as 10x10 square? 7x7 is tiny, and 12x12 is a bit too large.


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