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auto fit downsizing a large book 12x12in.-7x7in.

dudes, I work for a fine art gallery and I need to make a 12x12 book for the showroom and then a 7x7 book identical to the large book but my main gripe is when downsizing to a 7x7 from a 12x12 i am basically making a new book because the text is way too big and I need to go page by page editing all my test to fit the smaller book.  there must be a way blurb can make a software that will auto fit to a page the same way when you hit print in windows and you can select "fit to page"

Please make it happen!  Ive spent too many hours doing this alone and there must be a programer that can write this into the software (bookwrite or booksmart) that can make this possible.  its not that hard.  


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