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Is it possible to use Bookwright only for the cover?

I will probably use the "PDF to Book" workflow to order my first book to Blurb because I already have the PDF pages. Now I would like to use Bookwright only for creating the cover. Is it possible? Once created the cover in Bookwright, how can I print/export it to get the second PDF file to upload?

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Thank you for reaching out to Blurb's Helpcenter. 

We don't have the option to use BookWright for designing the cover only. The cover and pages are merged into one inseparable file for printing. In order to print a cover it's necessary to print an entire book.


Mutuala M.

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I would like to know the answer to this question, too. I created a book with both Booksmart and Bookwright. I would like to be able to order the text and cover as separate pdfs in either program. Is that possible, and if so how do I do that? 

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I would also like to do this, the low-res 'proof' cover is no good for printing, and the RTF text import feature ruins the text formatting I have already done in PDF.


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