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Cost of books and packaging

I have never had any issue with the quality of my books produced through Blurb. But I DO have issues with the cost of the books, and especially with the exorbitant costs of the post/packing. They don't mean to tell me that it costs over £6 to package and post a 70-page Small Square hardback. This is simply profiteering to add to the already outragious costs. It is hard enough trying to sell books as it is.

For a customer to buy a copy of My Little Feel-Good Book (70 pages Small Square hard cover) they will have to part with £34.33. This is hardly likely to make them feel good. I have argued for long enough that Blurb is way too expensive. I am told don't buy until there is an offer coupon available. Fine, but they are not always available when needed, and the savings are not that great.And members of the public visiting the Blurb site on spec. are unlikely to be aware of any offers.

Don't Blurb realize that they will, in the long run, sell far more books if they lowered their prices? Probably not. They have gone the way of all British companies, motivated by greed. Treat the public like a cash-cow, to be milked whenever the need. Purely and simply another rip-off.

The costs are so high that I feel embarrassed, almost reluctant to add anything to the retail price, but as I have to try make a little profit I add a mere £1 to £2. I am disgusted. But Blurb are unwilling to listen. Every person who produces a book through Blurb is forced to buy a copy of their book. But it would be interesting to see how many sales originate from members of the public independent;y visiting the site without being directed there by an author.

Howard Michael Beck

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