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Anyone know what the process is, once a book is on Amazon?

I'm a designer, client wants book on Amazon, Blurb says "so easy" but has NO real info .. so, not so easy...

• Is the book eligible for Amazon Prime?

• What's the turnaround time for the buyer?

• Shipping costs + options to buy + ship  the book?

Blurb doesn't have ANY of this info, and I can't find a book on Blurb's shop that's also on Amazon to see exactly what the Amazon experience is to buy the book.

No one wants a book for $15 shipping and 2-3 weeks turnaround.. someone please, any solid info out there???  help .


Timothy Belber

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Well I can tell you my experience has not been good so far.  Book only showed "3" copies available to start on Amazon, which all sold out and now it's not even showing available on Amazon.  Shipping was $3.99 but estimated delivery was 2 weeks originally.  Now none of that information is showing


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