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PDF preview of book -AND- Can I edit book after having "uploaded" it?

Two questions:

1.) Am I able to download a free PDF version of my book before uploading it?

2.) Once I have clicked "upload," am I able to make changes to my book and then re-upload it?

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi ViolinOrbit,

Answers from another Blurb author:

1)  I could not find this option.  I upload my books as PDF files and check them out with the Blurb preview function.  Does the software that you use to make the book have a Save As PDF option?  This is what I use to convert my books into PDF.

2) I have asked Customer Support about this and they said it is not possible.  Their suggestion was to delete the earlier version of the book and upload the updated version as a new book.  This is quite annoying and time consuming as one has to start afresh and add all the data again.  This a lot of trouble to go to just to fix a typo or page layout problem.  Remember you must buy a paper copy of your updated book within 15 days or else it will be removed from the server/bookstore!

Other on-line publishing websites allow any number of book edits for free.

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how do I edit the preview settings on my E-Book?

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I want to add pages to a catalogue already uploaded and purchased and reorder a new version. How do I do this?

Thank you

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