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How can I rearrange/reorder pages in BookWright?

I found answers for doing it in Book Smart, but not BookWright. Surely this is available, yes? Also, I'm looking to move ONE page, not both together. I laid some stuff out in a magazine format - in the order it came to me - assuming I would be able to drag the pages around (this seems like pretty basic technology).

Have I made a huge mistake? I figured out I can copy/paste 2 pages together (and delete the original), but in this case, I have two 1-page pieces that don't look good next to each other. I want to separate them and and relocate one of them elsewhere in the layout.

What are my options here?  Do I need to start over in BookSmart? (Wait, nevermind... magazine format is not available in BookSmart.) Agh!

Dang it. 


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having searched for an answer to the same question - clicking on a single page in the LH column one can then move this where ever, unless moving that page will upset a double page spread.   Double clicking on the blue tab between 2 pages allows the movement of the double page.  It looks as if one can only move one page (or double) at a time, which is a bit tedious if a lot of re-arrangement is needed.  


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Tried all sorts / anyways / nothing doing.

Ended up copy each box / container and pasting . . . . . . . . 

It ought to be possible to duplicate pages and paste where you want them.

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