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Has anyone else encountered a non-functional "issues" button in BookSmart?

I am on my first blurb book and can see that there are 8 issues with it.  However, when I click on the icon, nothing happens.  It should produce a pop-up showing what each of the issues are so that I can choose to fix or ignore them.  After several e-mails to support, my request has been closed with no solution offered, just the comment "All the popup does is telling you want kind of problem it is, but it will not automatically fix it for you. If it is an image issue, you can choose to click on fix or ignore the issue."  Isn't that the whole point of having the issues flagged - if you don't know where the issues are you can't review them?  Any sensible suggestions as to how I can find out what these issues are would be welcome.


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Hi RayDouglas. BookSmart does actually indicate exactly which page each issue is, and also tells you exactly what's wrong. There's even a "Fix" button which lets BookSmart fix the problem for you.

True, it's not automatic in the sense that you must click "Fix" but we like to give people the chance to see the problem first, and then decide whether or not they want to use the "Fix" feature. (Someone may have a good reason to choose to leave things as-is and ignore the warning, though we don't generally recommend that.). See my screenshot below. 

If you still have questions please get back in touch with customer support, as these forums are meant for an exchange of ideas between Blurb users, rather than for technical support. Be sure to confirm which program you are using (BookSmart, BookWright or Bookify) in that case.


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